Awards and Achievements

AwardsAndAchievementsDuring the two decades of excellence the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) has bagged several prestigious awards. Through dedication and high standards IIT has created many students that have been inspired to win international and local awards for Business and IT projects. In addition many of its students have been awarded prizes in areas such as innovation, creativity and practical application.

Many of the award winning student projects are often initially demonstrated at the annual Cutting Edge event which is held at the IIT premises. As an Academic Institution, IIT provides its students with all the necessary resources and guidance required to reach for international recognition in all their academic aspects.

Students from each course are often educated on the projects and approaches necessary in order to bring their innovation to fruition. Students often partake on their projects in groups displaying a remarkable talent in working as a team to achieve their goals. By coalescing their ideas and skills together they are capable of creating phenomenal solutions that can be awe inspiring.

Some of the awards the students have achieved over their academic life at IIT are:

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