BSc (Hons) Business Management programme is a top-up degree designed for you to upgrade your knowledge and skills by acquiring a degree having completed diploma level of studies in business. This degree enables you to obtain a sound understanding of theory in business management and its application in practice, preparing you for work within a range of professional careers and within a changeable business environment. Graduates of the programmes will gain the required academic and professional knowledge, skills and values to enable you to work independently and collaboratively to promote effective business solutions; and be adaptive and responsive to change within the business environment.

Duration:  1 Year (Part-time)

  1. Completion of the SQA - HND Programme


  1. Other recognised equivalent qualification formally accepted by the University

Upon successful completion you will have a comprehensive knowledge of the main core concepts and principles of business management, leadership and strategy, and associated business subjects, at both operational and strategic level; use the knowledge to critically investigate issues, review evidence, analyse information, sustain arguments and solve problems within the subject areas; exhibit an informed awareness of the current issues and developments within business management, and an awareness of the provisional nature of theory and practice; demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of, and understanding, of theoretical approaches and their application to practical circumstances; effectively communicate information, arguments and analyses, in a variety of forms, both
individually and within groups, to non-specialist and specialist audiences.

Core Module
• Exploring Strategy
Optional Modules
• Entrepreneurship in the Global Marketplace
• Financial Strategy
• International Business
• International Marketing
• Public Relations
• Service Management
• Strategic Issues in HRM
• Problem-Orientated Project

One of the defining aims of all our courses is for our graduates to achieve and sustain satisfying employment related to their subject of study. We are confident that the subject content of all our courses is profoundly relevant to long-term employment opportunities, which the skills, knowledge and expertise that you will need in a changing business environment are identified as module learning outcomes.

Employers expect graduates to have well-developed interpersonal and communication skills in order to express their expertise acceptably and effectively in a competitive work environment. You will develop these skills throughout the course.

Typical career opportunities include administration, research, process and operations controller, business analytics in the fields of marketing, HRM, operations management, financial management in a vast range of industries ranging from manufacturing to service industries globally.