BSc (Hons) Computer Science provides a solid foundation and training regarding the fundamentals of the computer science field along with the opportunity to specialize either in Mobile and Web Computing, Games and Computer Graphics Development or Multimedia Computing disciplines. It would provide technical knowledge to develop applications to a wide variety of end-user requirements and situations. It also aims at harnessing and developing professional attitudes and interpersonal skills that are required to work effectively, professionally and ethically within the ICT sphere.

Course Overview

This degree will give you the right computing skills and knowledge to mold the future of businesses and organizations. This broadly based course covers the areas of computer science & software development providing an excellent basis for a rapidly changing environment.

Students should obtain a minimum of 3 passes at the GCE Advanced Level OR Foundation Certificate in Higher Education AND obtain a minimum of 6 passes in the GCE Ordinary Level with Credit passes in English & Mathematics.

The key aspects of this course is its flexibility and the ability for you to build a customized route within the computer science discipline. You will be able to follow recommended pathways from a range of computing areas that suit your developing interests. You will develop a wide range of skills and knowledge in areas such as systems analysis & design, mobile / web application development, game and multimedia development, user interface development & Network & Security.

Year 1- Level 4
Computer Science Practice
Computer System Fundamentals
Programming Principles I
Information and Data Modeling
Programming Principles II
Web Design and Development
Mathematics for Computing
Year 2- Level 5
Core Modules
• Object-Oriented Programming
• Software Development Group Project
• Client-Server Architecture
• Database Systems
• Data Structures and Algorithms
Optional Modules
Mobile & Web Computing Pathway Games & Computer Graphics Development Pathway Multimedia Computing Pathway
• Server-side Web Development
• Mobile Application Development
• Advanced Client-Side Web Development
• 3D Graphics Programming
• Applied Mathematics & Physics or Games
• Games Engine Architecture
• Usability Testing
• 3D Interactive Media Development
Year 3 - Industrial Placement
A 12-month placement period is compulsory between Years 2 and 4. This experience will give you additional practical skills, and a competitive edge in the job market. This mandatory placement will not only empower a student with a degree but also with the necessary work experience. With this added advantage, IIT students have a 100% employment assurance and is most often selected for high income employment at renowned organizations.
Year 4- Level 6
Core Modules
• Computer Science Project
• Security and Forensics
• Enterprise Application Development
Optional Modules
Mobile & Web Computing Pathway Games & Computer Graphics Development Pathway Multimedia Computing Pathway
• Mobile Native Application Development
• Advanced Server side Programming
• Web Intelligence
• Advanced Maths and Game AI
• Networked Games and Security
• Mobile User Experience
• Digital Marketing, Social Media & Web Analytics
• Advanced Interactive Media Development

Mobile Application Developer/ Architect, Web Application Developer/ Architect, Cross Platform Mobile Application Developer/ Architect, Mobile Security Engineer, Web Analytics Engineer, Computer Animation Designer/ Developer, Computer Game Developer/ Architect, UI/ UX Engineer, Software Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer & Information Systems Manager, Quality Assurance Engineer & many more related career paths.

Duration - 4 Years (Full Time)