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Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014
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Stage Craft 2014

IIT “Stage craft”, student talent showcasing event to the public of IIT which is usually held in the month January or February was on 7th February this 2014 for the 8th consecutive year at Bishop’s College Auditorium in full flare. The chief guest for the evening was Prof. Ariyarathne Kaluarachchi, Dean of the Faculty of Dance & Drama, University of the Visual & Performing Arts, Sri Lanka.

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Stage Craft 2013

The tag line “Transethnic Talent Reloaded” truly defined the spirit in which Stage Craft 2013 was held. Organized by the student union of the Informatics Institute of Technology,(IIT) and held for the 7th consecutive year at the Musaeus College Auditorium , the event embraced a collection of song, dance and drama ,and certainly kept up to it’s promise of being a great display of mind blowing extravaganza ,that epitomized and showcased the immense and varied talents of the IIT student body.

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Stage Craft 2012

The tag line “No Guts - No Glory” truly defined the spirit in which Stage Craft 2012 was held. This year the annual IIT talent show turned into a talent competition, with performers giving their best to create something spectacular. The event was held on 27th of January 2012 at the Bishop’s College Auditorium. The theme was portrayed in the stage décor, theme music and the attire of the officiating students.

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Stage Craft 2011

After witnessing Stage Craft consecutively for the past few years, and you thought that you knew what was to be expected and had made your own judgment regarding the talent on display, you would have been amazed to experience the full blown impact of Stage Craft 2011 – Talent Under Construction. That is not to say that the past two years’ performances have been ordinary or forgettable. No, the past editions were extremely good in their own right and provided a great entertainment for those who attended the shows.

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Stage Craft 2010

The thing about performance, even if it is only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities. The students of Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) displayed such potential for greatness at the institute’s annual celebration of talent ‘Stage Craft 2010’ which was held under the theme “lights...camera...action...” The event was indeed an eye opener to many as it showcased a variety of talent ranging from song and dance to theatre.

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Stage Craft 2009

As popularized by movies such as 'The Matrix’ and 'The Terminator,’ really bad things can happen when good software engineers are allowed to get bored. This is why IIT, as the premier IT education institute in the country, came up with the idea of ‘Stagecraft,’ an annual event highlighting the artistic abilities of all IIT students. Stagecraft is the yearly feat organized by IIT students who feel the need to let their hair down and have some fun, to show off artistic talents that they had kept buried inside themselves for so long.

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Stage Craft 2008

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen… Welcome to Stage Craft 2008”

These were the opening words of a much anticipated event organized by the Informatics Institute of Technology that showcased the talents and capabilities of students outside the academic field.

“Stage Craft” as it is fondly known is an annual event that guides you through the lands of music, dance and drama, performed solely by students of IIT and is enriched and diversified with a blend of eastern and western cultures.

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Stage Craft 2007

The talent show StageCraft ’07, hosted by Informatics Institute of Technology comprised of an assortment of Musical and Dramatic acts and was an enchanting experience for all spectators. The event was held at the Elphinstone Theatre on 9th February 2007. Students from all undergraduate and postgraduate batches of IIT participated equally at this occasion, even the alumni of the Institute had participated. Altogether, it was a high quality talent show of mature students.

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