The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT Campus) is a breeding ground for young entrepreneurs and innovators. During the 25 years of excellence,the campus has played a pivotal role in empowering their students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

The support and guidance provided by the campus’s illustrious panel of lecturers is one of the key ingredients to the success of startup companies established by students from IIT. At the campus students learn the fundamentals on how to come up with business concepts using new technologyand make its products essential for target markets. At IIT Campus, students are groomed to think out of the box and are encouraged to create their own jobs.

RaveenWijetilleke and RanukWijesinghe are two former students of St. Peter’s College, Colombo 04 who follow the Information Systems with Business Management and Software Engineering degrees respectively at the IIT Campus. These two students are the founders of EYERIS Creationswhich is a full-fledged IT, creative, graphics, media and web design firm.

Both, Raveen and Ranuk have been extensively involved in extracurricular activities at college and also at IIT Campus. Raveen, who was the former Head Prefect of St. Peter’s, is now a Global Shaper of the Colombo Hub which is an initiative of the World Economic Forum. Ranuk is currently serving as a Vice President for Incoming Exchange for Corporate and Non Corporate Projects at AIESEC in IIT.

EYERIS Creations which was merely a dream in the minds of these two young entrepreneurs was made a reality at IIT following a solid foundation that paved the way for them to take their enterprise to greater heights in a short span.

“I heard about IIT from a first year student at the time, who was a family friend. She spoke very highly of the campus, the lecturers and programme content. Being the head prefect of College meant that I was leaving behind a part of me that couldn’t be replaced. I had been heavily and densely involved in extracurricular activities at school. So I always feared if I’ll be able to find a place that meant as much to me. But today I can happily say that IIT has become home to me and Ranuk. The experience and professionalism we received at IIT has helped us to establish EYERIS as a proper organization. It gave us the much needed layout and foundation to form the startup we were both passionate about,”Raveen said.Eyeris

“When establishing EYERIS, we were able to find many people with similar passions and interestsat IIT Campus. They were a great strength to us in our journey and we partnered with two amazing friends to grow EYERIS even further. NimilaHiranyaSamarasinghe is a graphic designer with a great eye for logo designs and he currently runs his own startup -The Logo Patrol. LishniTilakaratne is a Web and UI/UX Designer who is probably the most creative of the group, and is multi-talented in her form of arts. If not for IIT we wouldn’t have met these two amazing people and been able to grow our EYERIS Family,” Ranuk said.

“I think our inspiration comes from a lot of factors. The need to make a place for ourselves, the need to break the status quo, the need to make a change keeps us going. While everyone wants to settle down for a good salary and a good job, we wanted something different. We wanted the harder path of having our own company. It does not come without challenges. It is really hard to establish ourselves as a Graphic, Media and Web Design company right away. But that will not stop us from trying, or stop us from wanting more,”Raveen said.

Our inspiration comes from the satisfaction we deliver. If a client is happy with our work and if we go along a street and see some of our artwork standing out in the streets or online that satisfaction is simply amazing. This is probably what inspires us as an organization,” Ranuk said.

IIT is an award winning campus and has won many accolades such as Microsoft Imagine Cup, National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA), Google Summer of Code and e-Swabhimani. It has earned a wide reputation as a solid, professional training campus, catering to the needs of the students and producing well-rounded and highly employable graduates, to anticipate the professional world by being armed with confidence and knowledge.

For further information, write to IIT on “” or call the IIT Main Campus hotline 0722 72 72 72. IIT also welcomes prospective students to visit and talk to counselors at IIT Main Campus at No. 57, Ramakrishna Rd, Colombo 6.