Prabath Pic 2Informatics Institute of Technology ( IIT)  has  gained a reputation over the years of not only   designing degrees that is in keeping with emergent trends and technologies in the market  but also of producing star performers that have contributed  tremendously  to their organizations and the industry at large .

A recent example was Prabath Premaratne who topped  the batch for IIT’s  MSc in Advanced Software Engineering, which has been a MSc that has gained immense popularity amongst students since its launch.This is suited to graduates in Computer Science and related disciplines, such as Software Engineering or Computing, who wish to complete their academic profile in specialist areas, and obtain practical experience in software development,  the rationale behind the MSc  is to provide an education that will cover in – depth specific skills and best current practice in software development, whilst at the same time instilling important research – based skills.

The course comprises of eight modules, worth a total of 180 credits at level 7. There are seven taught modules each worth 20 credits and a (double) project module worth 40 credits. There are two core taught modules on the course, plus the core project module (Project Part II). In addition, students are required to select five optional taught modules from a prescribed list of modules.

“I chose to study at IIT because of the prestige and philosophy of the universityand the fact that it came highly recommended by my employer IFS R&D where I was working as a Lead Software Engineer. The course has aup-to-the-minute curriculum with a strong practical core.   Rather than attempting a broad survey of computing, this course focuses on the various stages of the development of software,” he said.

“The course is also very practical in nature and provides us ample opportunity to practice and enhance our skills in software development. Students are trained in the principles and techniques of engineering large, complex software systems and we gain the opportunity to apply these techniques in a realistic group project setting. The programme analyses current practice in software systems engineering, looking at the most significant trends, problems and results in complex software systems,” he said.

“It is also backed by  the necessary theoretical knowledge required to gain sufficient grounding in the topic areas to be able to pursue further self – study  with opportunity for both reflection and critical evaluation of course material.  It was also amazing to be in a position to regularly interact and collaborate with the brightest minds, as IIT’s lecturer panel consists of leading personalities who have made a mark in the industry,” he said.

“We were able to access the latest materials on the subject and engage in discussions with students, and teaching staff that were always available at any time we wanted. All these aspects ensure that students of the programme gain a demonstrated ability to design and construct large software systems and are well placed to secure rewarding technical careers within the software engineering industry. Upon completing this MSc, I have got the skills in analyzing user requirements and designing appropriate software solutions and in designing and creating complex software systems to solve real world problems as well as evaluating and using advanced software engineering environments, design methods and programming languages.

Currently working at IFS R&D on test and quality improvement projects and with a personal interest in Design and Architecture, Prabath is confident that this MSc has fundamentally changed the way he approaches software development, and has equipped him with a set of techniques and principles that he can use daily in his professional life.” It has   given me the necessary skills to play a critical role in today’s knowledge-based society.“he concluded.

With 24 years of experience as being a pioneer in providing British higher education in Business and Information Technology in Sri Lanka, IIT has produced nearly 3000 graduates who are holding prestigious positions across the globe.

With a dedicated team of lecturers and administrators, IIT remains the number one choice amongst students who intend on following an MSc in Advanced Software Engineering.