Dr. Sampath Kannangara
Dr. Sampath Kannangara


The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT Campus) is the pioneer and leader in Sri Lanka’s private higher education sector that offers world renowned British undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the disciplines of business and IT.

During the two and a half decades of excellence, IIT Campus has been the proud alma mater of over 3000 graduates that are holding key positions in multinational and local blue-chip companies in nearly 25 countries.  Many of our graduates that have passed out from the hallowed portals of IIT Campus have risen to become leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

At IIT Campus, we take a keen interest in the education of each and every one of our students as we firmly believe in transforming ordinary students to extraordinary graduates that will be in high demand in a rapidly evolving digital world.  We groom our students to be prepared for the real working world and our industrial placement offers a unique opportunity for our graduates to have a definite employment guarantee.

One of the main contributing factors for the rapid success of IIT is the rich academic tradition that is indoctrinated as part of the campus’s culture. Since its inception in 1990, IIT Campus has evolved into an academic institution recognized by many industries for its academic quality and for producing well-rounded students.

The proof of IIT’s superiority lies in the number of local and international awards and accolades that have been won over a period of time. In many of these competitions state run universities have been major stakeholders.  However, IIT on a countless number of occasions have emerged as winners in many of these competitions.

With a proven track record and a distinguished profile of academics, we at IIT Campus will assure that our students will transcend success.

Dr.Sampath Kannangara
Chief Executive Officer – IIT Campus