During the 25 years of excellence, the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT Campus) has produced over 3,000 graduates that have empowered nearly 250 multinational and local blue-chip companies.

Since its inception as a pioneer higher education institute in Sri Lanka that offers internal British degrees in the disciplines of Information Technology and Business, many IIT graduates have annexed themselves in eminent positions by being innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

We caught up with AnushiyaBastiampillai, who is a past pupil of Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya. Graduated at IIT Campus affiliated to the University of Westminster, with a degree in Information Systems with Business Management. Anushiya is currently employed at WS02 as an Account Manager. Here’s an abstract of the interview,Anushiya

It has been a year since you graduated. What has been your experience as a graduate working in WSO2 like during the past one year?

The experience I gained during my internship at Virtusa helped me with things like professional conduct, business etiquette, etc.  Since I started at WSO2, I’ve been working with the sales team as an Account Manager. I also organised and took part in many activities such as the basketball tournament, cricket tournament, motor rally and Christmas carols.

I also got the opportunity to go to the US to meet with customers and attend conferences alongside other global tech giants.

What made you join IIT?

During my A/L’s I was looking for programmes that incorporated both IT and Business, and most importantly a program and institution that complemented my skills and abilities. Therefore, I decided to join the BSc. Information Systems with Business Management program. Another factor I took into consideration was the yearlong internship and the reputation IIT graduates had in the industry.

What was your campus experience like at IIT?

It was full of adventure and filled with fond memories. The course content was up to date and the variety of subjects gave me exposure to all the management and information systems career fields. This gave me the opportunity to identify my strengths and likings so I could mold my career around them.

I actively took part in most activities and won awards as well. These helped hone my skills and discover some new talents. Teamwork, leadership, people skills and communication played important roles in all activities these activities, making sure we took the learning out of the classroom and applied them.

Notable memories, achievements or experiences you at IIT?

Stage craft – I was entertainment director and organized the Stage Craft in 2012, Also sang, acted, compered and trained the choir.

Netball – played for informatics group at the mercantile tournaments. Captained the Gamini house team and won for 3 consecutive years.

Spearheaded Cutting Edge 2014, which was a great success.

Introduced the IIT Toastmasters CLub

Won an award of merit at the HSBC Youth Enterprise Awards for my business idea.

How did the industrial placement year offered during the 3rd year of the IIT degreeProgramme help you to join WSO2 which is one of Sri Lanka’s top IT companies?

I interned as a QA Engineer at Virtusa, specifically in the Enterprise Applications Group. QA was offered as a module in the fourth year. So, the real life experience gained during the internship, helped me a great deal in my final year module.

Also got the chance to volunteer at Google for Entrepreneurs Week Sri Lanka and organized the event.Joined the Virtusa Toastmasters Club – loved it!!! And then brought it to IIT.

Talking about the learning experience at IIT. What is your opinion about the academic quality of IIT?

Learning was not limited to lectures. Interactive tutorials, discussions, field trips, personal guidance and mentoring – all of these led to a well-rounded education, which is believe is very important!

Lecture materials and assessments come directly from the University in the UK, and the lecturers in SL keep close contact with their counterparts in the UK. In addition, the fact that final year coursework and exams are regulated directly by the university gives the assurance and credibility of the certification I received.

Why would you recommend IIT to anyone else?

IIT not only focuses on what students like and what is trendy. It focuses on employability, career readiness, and fit for the industry. Academic standards are maintained at a high level.

What is your plan for the future. Any goals that you want to accomplish?

My final year project focused on Entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, particularly on encouraging mothers to start up. My ambition is to be an Entrepreneur, preferably a social entrepreneur and create positive impact in society.

While at WSO2, I started a little hobby-business, “Brownie Lovin’ “, because I love baking and brownies are my favorite! It’s been going well so far and given me a taste of what being an entrepreneur is like. Also, I won’t stop my singing and other extra activities.

For further information, do write to “admissions@iit.ac.lk” or make a call on the hotline 0722 72 72 72 and also you are most welcome to pay a visit and talk to counselors at IIT Main Campus at No. 57, Ramakrishna Rd, Colombo 6.