One year after graduation at IIT Campus: Charitha maintaining an edge above the rest

CharithaThe first year after graduation is most often identified as nerve-racking as students hunt for the best employment opportunity which will be the foundation for their successful career. The maiden job of any graduate is filled with its share of challenges and in order to be ahead of the game and maintain an edge over others, it is imperative for a graduate to be able to adapt to an organization.

With over 3,000 graduates that are currently empowering over 250 multinational and local blue-chip companies, the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT Campus) is renowned for producing highly employable graduates. With a 100% employment assurance, IIT Campus grooms each and every one of its students to become innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

While many graduates commence their first job with no previous work experience and lack the demand in the current job market, IIT graduates are in demand by employers and are able to outperform others mainly due to them having one year’s mandatory work experience following the conclusion of their degree.

Twenty-two year old CharithaSankaPerera, a past pupil of Lyceum International, Nugegoda recently completed a successful year after graduation. Charitha is currently a Software Engineer at Leapset, which is a cutting-edge technology firm based in Colombo and Silicon Valley –which is home to tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple in California.

Charitha described his one year following graduation as a thrilling experience which helped him to grow into the Software Engineer he is today.

“I expected my one year after graduation to be a rather tough and hectic year. However, I did not feel it as such.  This is mainly due to the fact that I already had a full year of corporate experience in Software Engineering during my internship period which is mandatory during our period of studies at IIT. So I am pretty much familiar to these kinds of workload,” he said.

Speaking of his experience at IIT, Charitha said that he managed to find time to balance both his studies and extra-curricular activities.  He has also been one of the leading performers at Stagecraft, which is the annual talent show of the campus.
“I took part at IIT’s annual talent show throughout all 4 years of my time there. I have acted and danced in quite a number of performances and was part of the best drama crew and dancing crew during my final years at IIT. On my final year I managed to bag the best dancer award which was really awesome and there are absolutely no words to describe that moment,” he said.

“Campus experience was indeed super awesome. I was blessed to have met so many friends and colleagues, some of which I am currently working with at Leapset. It was a very memorable experience. I was engaged in talent shows and sports and organizing events which really helped me shape up and build my character,” he said.

“The degree structure is rather unique mainly because of the industrial placement during our third academic year.  Most of the high end employees in top companies are indeed IIT graduates, so it is rather evident the benefit of the learning experience at IIT. The degree is highly recognized all over the world and in Sri Lanka.  IIT graduates may have the upper hand due to the Industrial Placement. It gives the opportunity to build one’s networking skills with people and gives individuals the ability to face the working experience in the real world and to put into practice their remaining years of knowledge at IIT,” he said.

Charitha said that he is thankful for the experience he gained during his internship at Zone 24×7 as it opened up an opportunity for him to be part of many key projects.

“IIT graduates possess a competitive advantage over others as it grooms us to learn and become leaders in whatever paths we have chosen in our lives.  IIT has really helped us to build our networking capabilities with people around us so that we can easily survive and thrive in this massive corporate world of IT,” he said.

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