Seeking employment immediately after graduation is a challenge for many students that pursue the most lucrative and ideal career opportunities. While a very few manage to secure a place in their dream job, many languish in the grim state of unemployment, waiting for a response from an established corporate entity to recruit them.

During the 25 years of educational excellence, the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT Campus) has been renowned for having a 100% employability rate of its graduates. One of the key factors that contribute for IIT Campus graduates to be in demand is mainly due to the 12 month internship which is embedded to the 4 year sandwich internal degree offered by the University of Westminster. IIT Campus has also been renowned for producing well-rounded graduates that have the right kind of positive attitude and competencies that are in demand in today’s fast paced digital world.

Gayan Welihinda (24) graduated from IIT Campus last year and is enjoying success as he is an account manager for Dialog. Speaking of his journey, Gayan said that he has climbed the corporate ladder and succeeded in his endeavors thanks to the grooming he received at IIT Campus.

“It has been quite an experience. You realize how tough the real corporate world is and start really appreciating what prepared you for it. It is a lot of fun though and I’m glad I have the opportunity of working as an Account Manager for the No. 1 Telco in Sri Lanka. Hopefully there’ll be many more years to go,” Gayan said.

“My parents were the reason I joined. But in less than a month of attending lectures I realized that IIT was a well-recognized University not just among students, but also in the industry. My dad got the idea after noticing the quality of a few IIT graduates in his organization. Also, since most of his colleagues recommended IIT, he made the wise decision of convincing me to go there. But as of yet, the main reason I favor IIT over other universities is due to it being the only Uni with a one year industrial placement opportunity. I also liked the whole Business and IT combination of the degree which was unique compared to the degrees the other universities provided,” he said.

Gayan said that his industrial placement helped him immensely to have an edge over other new graduates when commencing his professional journey. “I completed my Internship at Unilever Sri Lanka as an IT Trainee. I was able to handle many projects independently and get an overall corporate exposure. The internship trained me to face the real corporate world and the pressure and stress which comes along with it. It improved my confidence, presentation, street skills and groomed me for a real job,” he said.

Gayan who is also known as an up and coming young artist has been involved in many extracurricular activities during his time at IIT Campus.

“I was able to use my talents in areas of dancing, singing, beat-boxing, acting, sports and also in radio presenting. I won a couple of awards at Stage craft as the best dance act for 4 consecutive years. And during my final year I was able to win the award for the overall best performer of stagecraft. From there on I was asked to perform at exclusive events,” he said.

“I think the degree offered at IIT is one of a kind.  Most of the high-end employees in top corporateGayan are IIT graduates. The subject matter and content is vast and extremely useful and gives you a wide area of knowledge. The degree is highly recognized all over the world and in Sri Lanka. It is a good place to grow into a professional individual. The lectures are very informative and the lecturers are very hard working and are skilled supervisors. IIT also has a wide variety of activities which help develop personal and academic skills. I would specially recommend IIT to anyone who wants to shine as an individual,” he said.

Since 1990, IIT has produced over 3,000 graduates that have empowered nearly 250 multinational and local blue-chip companies. With its strong international affiliations, outstanding resources and focus on quality higher education, IIT is without a doubt an ideal place for students to obtain world renowned IT and Business degrees.

For further information, do write to “” or make a call on the hotline 0722 72 72 72 and also you are most welcome to pay a visit and talk to counselors at IIT Main Campus at No. 57, Ramakrishna Rd, Colombo 6.