Pre-departure Guide

Documents required for your journey

Certain documents are needed when you arrive at the airport in the Sri Lanka, where you will be interviewed by immigration and health officials. It is therefore important that you bring with you:

  • Valid passport, with a visa or Sri Lanka entry clearance visa (if applicable)
  • An air ticket
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Letter from the local authorities clearing you of any criminal activities
  • An X-ray report,
  • The letter of acceptance from IIT
  • Documentary evidence that you have enough money to pay your tuition fees and accommodate yourself while studying (recent bank statements, proof of scholarship or sponsor’s letter)
  • Originals (or certified true copies) of any degree certificates or technical qualifications.

Make sure you keep the above documents and the following in your hand luggage:

  • some clothing
  • some US dollar currency
  • insurance documents
  • a list of what you are carrying in your luggage in case you have to make an insurance claim
  • any prescribed drugs or medicine you are taking, plus a letter from your doctor explaining what they are
  • an address, telephone number and travel instructions to your final destination

The First steps pre-departure pack

A reference letter from your bank in your own country – this will be useful when you come to open a bank account in the Sri Lanka


You need to order US Dollar currency and bring enough money to cover your immediate needs on your arrival in Sri Lanka, including customs charges, rail fares and any emergency expenses.

Also on arrival you are required to change US$1500 at a local bank and submit the receipt to immigration when applying for visa as proof of funds.


Upon confirming your accommodation, you will be required to pay 6 months’ rent as deposit and in addition 1 month rent. You will need to ensure that you have sufficient funds immediately available to cover this.

Flight details

Once flight is confirmed, you are required to inform the international student coordinator of details in order to greet you at the airport. You are required to pay $40 for transportation.

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