The Informatics Institute of Technology, since its inception has been striving to empower the youth and the higher education sector in Sri Lanka. With the view of providing opportunities to talented students, the Infoschol scholarship programme by IIT was introduced.

IIT offers a unique scholarship scheme for students who have obtained good Advanced Level results but who unfortunately have not been able to enter the state universities due to its limitations. An opportunity to obtain a degree in Software Engineering and Information Systems with Business Management from the University of Westminster, UK is possible with the scholarship scheme. This is also a cost effective alternative when compared to studying in the United Kingdom to obtain a recognized British degree. The IIT student scholarship scheme whilst offering students an opportunity to pursue higher education also enables the country to build up a larger IT workforce.

Recent studies have shown that over 12000 ICT graduates are required each year to manage the projects that occur locally and internationally. IIT believes that by providing degree level education for students who have completed their advanced level examinations with good results will be able to increase the level of ICT graduates who in turn will contribute significantly to the country’s economic growth.

The Inforschol programme is a scholarship programme that is offered by IIT to students within a certain criteria. Students applying for this particular scholarship programme must adhere to several qualification tests that are designed for testing IQ, analytical and mathematical skills and competency in vocational and written skills. Students will be short listed once they have applied for the programme within a span of 4 months. Once the candidates have been selected for the programme, each of these students will be able to accept employment in well-reputed companies that are based locally and internationally on a full-time employment basis. This aspect of the scholarship programme will allow students to gather experience in both practical and theoretical fields. They will be giving the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real world problems within their respective industry. The placement aspect of the programme allows students to obtain jobs through their previous placement depending on their performance and skill set.

Scholarship students will be given the option to undertake two different degrees through the programme. A BSc (Hons) in Information Systems with Business Management and another degree in BEng (Hons) Software Engineering will be available for their selection. Both aforementioned degrees are provided by IIT’s collaborator the University of Westminster based in the United Kingdom. This unique scholarship allows students to not only obtain practical knowledge in their chosen field but gain the mandatory experience that employers often look for during recruitment. The benefit of obtaining a degree through these programmes is the ability to engage both local and foreign corporate entities allowing students to work within many corporate environments regardless of the country or industry. IIT strongly believes that through this scholarship programme it will be able to create a sizeable ICT graduate work force that will be capable of creating a positive impact within the industry for many years to come. In addition it aims to abolish the lack of education opportunities within Sri Lanka and achieve its goal of empowering the education standards within the country.