To be recognized as a leader in higher education and research, providing a transformational educational experience.


Our mission is to develop creative and highly skilled professionals with an international outlook, who will make a significant contribution to the global knowledge economy.

We will achieve this by providing:

  • The highest quality learning, teaching and research environments
  • An excellent student experience with an exciting range of social and cultural activities
  • Empowerment that prepares the students for professionalism in the world of work
  • Outstanding education that imparts knowledge, wisdom and skill needed to thrive as global citizens
  • An employability development and career development process that increases student and graduate employment opportunities
  • Support to students to realize their potential notwithstanding their social, cultural and financial environments

Our Contribution

We are committed to leadership in the advancement, dissemination and application of knowledge to solve real life problems, facilitating the creation of new commercial opportunities and startup companies. This increases graduate earning potential while providing us recognition within the wider community.

Our Processes

All our processes, both educational and business, are aligned to the global standards and best practices to ensure the highest quality delivery and performance.

Our People

The academic staff and other functional staff are provided staff development opportunities to keep up with current developments in order to enhance the quality of teaching and to follow the global best practices. Staff are provided opportunities to increase their earning potential.

Our Shareholders

We operate profitably and provide competitive return on investment to our shareholders.

Our Partners

We partner with global leaders in education, meet their aspirations and maintain or exceed their expectations in terms of the quality of delivery. We partner with major research funding organizations to increase our research and development.

We nurture long term commitments with our partners that achieve win – win for all stakeholders.


Integrity : We will always endeavor to keep our promises
Empathy : We put ourselves in the shoes of our stakeholders in our decision making
Reliability :This includes Honesty and Integrity which is essential to Sustain(Sustainability) a service business
Empowerment :All stake holders to facilitate quick decision making and to respond to market changes effectively
Innovativeness :Out of the box thinking and creativity in terms of products , services and processes