An Internationally recognised degree

At IIT you will obtain an internationally recognised degree from the University of Westminster, UK. The degree conferred to students of IIT is same as the degree conferred to students studying internally at University of Westminster. We at IIT groom students to transform into individuals who are competent to contribute to the global economy.

Cost saving

Students studying at IIT save almost 72% of course fees compared to studying in the UK. International student save almost 68% on living expenditure compared to studying in the UK. Studying at IIT provides a higher ROI, starting salary of a graduate is about GBP25,000 per year in the UK. Savings after cost of living and taxes will be of about GBP2000-3000 per year. To recover all the money spent in studying in the UK will take almost 34 years at the given savings per year. Studying at IIT, recovering the cost will be just over 13 years at the same pay.

Our support

Students of IIT are provided with guidance and support from staff to take part in international research forums, conferences and competitions relating to IT such as Glo-Bus, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition (SoCPaR), Google Summer of Code, National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA) competition is an annual event organized by the BCS The Chartered Institute for IT Sri Lanka (BCSSL) etc. We at IIT encourage our students to take part in these competitions to build their portfolio before graduation.

We care

We provide students with the following services to achieve their potential

  • Personal tutoring
  • Peer support
  • Student support groups
  • Pastoral services
  • Skills development

We at IIT believe our students should be ready for industry upon graduation and thus provide 48 weeks of internship in Sri Lanka with top companies.

Our Alumni

IIT has over 2500 alumni who work in top blue chip companies worldwide and some who have pursued their entrepreneurial spirit by venturing in different industries.