IIT provides the qualification accepted the IT industry in Sri Lanka

The Informatics Institute of technology was established in 1990 as the first private higher education institute in Sri Lanka to award reputed British degrees in the field of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Business.


IIT has reshaped and revolutionize the higher education sector of Sri Lanka by empowering graduates to become innovators,entrepreneur and business leaders.


Over the course of nearly three decades, IIT has established itself as a pioneer in providing british higher education corporate.Currently, IIT has produced more than 3000 graduates who are spread across the globe and are playing pivotal roles in well reputed companies.


To be recognized as a leader in higher education and research, providing a transformational educational experience.


Our mission is to develop creative and highly skilled professionals with an international outlook, who will make a significant contribution to the global knowledge economy.


  • Integrity : We will always endeavor to keep our promises.
  • Empathy : We put ourselves in the shoes of our stakeholders in our decision making.
  • Reliability : This includes Honesty and Integrity which is essential to Sustain(Sustainability) a service business.
  • Empowerment : All stake holders to facilitate quick decision making and to respond to market changes effectively.
  • Innovativeness : Out of the box thinking and creativity in terms of products , services and processes.
Our History


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