IIT committed to making our websites and digital material as accessible as possible.

Text to speech

Click on Accessibility Helper icon on upper right corner of the IIT website. you will be able to customize**,

  • Font Size
  • Underline Link
  • Highlight Link
  • Image Color
  • Website Background Color
  • Readable Fonts

** Click “Reset All” to reset the settings.


Text to speech

You can click and use the “Text to Speech” button enabled in each page (before the headline) 

Text to Speech - IIT Website Accessibility

Changing text size (Web Browser)

You can change text size settings via your browser.

  • Internet Explorer: Click on the View menu and select Text Size.
  • Chrome: Click on the Settings and select Zoom, then Zoom in or out.
  • Firefox: Click on the View menu and select Zoom, then Zoom in or out.
  • Windows: Zoom the page using Ctrl + and Ctlr –
  • Mac: Zoom the page using Command + and Command –