Stage Craft 2019


Bishops College Auditorium

Stage Craft, an event that is eagerly awaited with enthusiasm and ecstasy by the students and the loyal audience that attend each year. This year happening for the 11th time at Bishops College Auditorium on the 8th of February 2018, it is organized with attention to detail that is unparalleled and demonstrates the student body’s skill to truly create an event that is as original each year it is spellbinding. The acts that embody Stage Craft range from western acts to traditional eastern dances.

In addition, the event is also home to more experimental acts such as instrumental-based tracks that are composed and played by the students themselves. Cultural dances from both Sinhala and Tamil traditions are presented each year with students displaying their heritage and culture in a glamorous display of colour and skill. Stage craft is also home to numerous drama-oriented events that bring many emotions to light such as comedy, sadness and intrigue.