IIT’s Industry Placement, A Resounding Success

IIT campus successfully held its annual Careers Day 2020 recently amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19 restrictions in the country. This year’s event turned out to be a resounding success for IIT as it opened up more opportunities for student placements at leading ICT and non-ICT organizations, including local blue-chip and multinational companies.

IIT’s degree programmes consist of a one year internship for students at a leading organization which is mandatory for undergraduate students at the 3rd year of their degree. The students / graduates are given the opportunity to select a suitable employer based on their future career desire when seeking for a potential internship.  

While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations around the world into unprecedented Pay cuts, layoffs and downsizing of their workforce, IIT took necessary actions to liaise with the relevant corporates to ensure successful placements for the students where many of the IIT undergraduates benefited by meeting top corporates in diversified industries and securing successful placements.

IIT provides students with robust practical knowledge on the industry norms and experience within the degree programme through the one year mandatory work experience which gives students the additional benefit of practical skills coupled with a highly ranked UK degree awarded by prestigious universities which prepares them to successfully take up the challenges in the corporate world.

The Corporates who participated in Careers Day were provided the opportunity to engage with the students and select the most suitable and outstanding students to be employed by them through the internship program. This also provided students the opportunity to work for some of the leading corporate organizations in Sri Lanka.  Many such students of IIT alumni who were part of this internship program in the past are currently in leading positions at many local and international organizations around the Globe.

Some of the leading companies that took part included Pearson Lanka, Dialog Ideamart, Virtusa, WSO2, LOIT, IIL, Informatics, UniverSL Software, Econsulate, Auxenta, Vinota, Rootcode Labs, Infor Nexus Services, Omobio and Creative Software.