Sukith Atulugama is an all-round BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems graduate from IIT
who has achieved much success following graduation. Sukith is currently employed as a
Business Analyst at Proavos Labs. He completed his internship at Virtusa as a Growth Hacker /
Business Analyst (BI) in the third year of the degree. Following are excerpts of the interview
with Sukith,

1. Can you give a brief introduction to yourself?

My name is Sukith Atulugama. I recently graduated with a First Class Honours with Best All-
Rounder Performance for Business Information Systems degree from University of Westminster
through IIT.

2. Let us know a bit of your school education

After completing O/L’s at Ashoka College Horana I transferred to S. Thomas’ College Mt.
Lavinia for A/Ls. I was the Head Prefect at Ashoka College, captained the Badminton team, lead
the ICT Society, member of the Chess Team and a member of Eastern Dancing Crew. At S.
Thomas’ College, I headed the ICT Society as the president from 2013-2014 and started the
Media-Unit of the College. Through these various activities I gained a lot of experience and for
that I’m indebted to both my alma maters.

3. What made you decide, to follow your higher education at IIT?

At that time, I had nearly completed my BCS Professional Graduate Diploma and was keen to
learn Information Systems. This was quite a new field for me as I was a self-taught developer.
Recommendations from recognized IT professionals, as well as finding a course that was best
suited for my interest, made me to join IIT.

4. How was the Student life and experience at IIT?

The life of a student at IIT starts with a pleasing beginning and gradually grooming you to
become a professional. The industry exposure you receive is quite spectacular and will be the
main drive towards creating great professionals.

5. What are your notable achievements at IIT?

One of the most significant achievements at IIT was winning the Westminster award for best all-
rounder performance for the Business Information Systems graduating batch of 2019.
One of my most memorable achievement was winning the Best Social Innovation Award for the
project KENS at the Hang Yang University Seoul, South Korea. This was awarded after a series
of business idea pitching competitions took place at Manila-Philippines and Seoul-Korea with
the participation of more than 40 contestants from around the world for semifinals and shortlisted
10 contestants for the finals at Seoul Korea.
Another significant achievement was representing Sri Lanka at the HLM3 Youth Innovation
Challenge, which held in Malaysia and was placed the 6th overall.

Apart from social projects, I represented the Student’s Union as the chief editor and supported
organizing events like Stage Craft and Cutting-Edge. I was also a member of the badminton

6. Has IIT shaped you for corporate success? If so, how?

Yes, from the orientation onwards we were groomed to work in teams, meet deadlines and
specially to develop people skills that are of much importance. One of the critical eye-openers
came through industrial placement, the ability to work with different individuals at different
corporate levels and excelling on your assigned tasks and developing synergy along the way
while keeping a positive attitude was among few of the many skills I gained during the

7. Can you describe the support you received from the staff and the faculty of IIT?

I would like to thank every individual who helped me throughout my four years for the support
and assistance given to me. Among them, there were few lecturers I appreciate very dearly as
they went above and beyond in helping me to excel in my academic as well as extra-curricular

8. What are your fondest moments at IIT?

Overall, meeting and becoming best friends with people with similar interests who are also
trying to excel in their career paths, we created memories that will last a life time.

9. What are your reasons to recommend IIT to students?

One of the main reasons I recommend IIT for students is the Industrial Placement that you
receive in your 3rd year. If done correctly, it will be the basement of your entire career. Further to this, the concurrent coursework structure with time limitations molds you to become better at
multi-tasking as well as time management. These are essential skills that you need to keep up
with the rapidly changing IT industry.