3D-Printing-based Initiatives in a Developing Economy Context: A Holistic Approach


ICIIT 2016 is not only an opportunity to academically explore new frontiers in technological applications in a developing economy context, but should help us realistically reflect, foster and better analyze issues on e-management, e-governance and implementation of tech ideas, and in the process, innovative entrepreneurship and leadership could be expected to flourish. Such efforts can be a starting point towards building a smart digital community with optimal intellectual and financial investment. This paper discussed 3D printing as the next industrial revolution and a platform that provides us with numerous opportunities to explore, invent and implement business ideas with a modest approach and maximum potential in a low-cost environment for local manufacturing to take off. In this context, the paper discussed an academic research proposal that was funded to support the revitalization of the Fukushima economy in the aftermath of the 2011 natural disaster in Japan. The proposal discussed an approach in 3D printing that could be largely adapted in a South Asia context to develop knowledge capital with taskbased language teaching and project management skills.

Debopriyo Roy

Centre for Language Research School of Computer Science and Engineering The University of Aizu droy@u-aizu.ac.jp