A Method to Detect Stress Using a Personal Mobile Device


Many people today use current technologies to make their lives easier. People who are stressed out during their work time no exception to this reality. The y need today’s technology to help them to cope with the stress and with their lives on a daily basis. A mobile phone can be seen as the closest device to a human being nowadays. Therefore, if the technology can be used to help along with the use of the mob ile device/mobile phone the user carries with him/her it will be a great step forward in the mobile industry. At present there is a lack of practically applicable such system for mobile devices available and there is a lack of a proper tool which can assis t a person in tense or a stress situation, to reduce the stressfulness in the work or any other environment and provide ability to find different options to take the mind away based on previous experiences. Having a device that makes them aware of their tress and facilitate ability to provide different features which will suggest ways to reduce the stress level are the main goals that proposed system planned to achieve. In this paper we emphasize how the application is designed.

Ovina Peiris, Dilini Gunasena, Arannya Sivasubramaniyam, K. A. Dilini T. Kulawansa, K. S. D. Fernando

Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka Department of Computati onal Mathematics, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka .