Enhanced Approach for Resource Allocation of Enterprise project


Software project management is the science of directing a project towards success by scheduling tasks and managing available resources to optimize the usability of resources within the scheduled time. This paper presents a methodology that can optimize the decision making process of a project manager of a software project that follows the agile software development methodology. This paper suggests an algorithm for task scheduling by considering the priority, interdependence among the tasks and their estimated time plan for task completion.

U M Mahagamage
L A L Lakmali
A C Weerasingha
C P Wijesiriwardana
G T Weerasooriya

Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka {upuliemg1,lasindu.lakmali52,amaliweerasinghe73,chamanw4} gmail.com, thiliniw@uom.lk