NoSQL, mongoDB, data cleaning, data cleansing, RDBMS.


Rich Internet Applications are very complex systems, hence engineering of them are engaged with many difficulties. Design patterns provide tested solutions for system designing and development, towards effective and efficient engineering. Rich Internet Applications also can gain the advantages of the design patterns, to simplify complexities, hence to gain better development experience. We propose a hybrid design pattern for database related data management, based on Create, Read, update, and Delete operations, which we call Form and Grid pattern. This pattern uses AJAX technique for communicating with the server, and also incorporated with a set of related features. We expect this pattern to deliver decent level of user experience, while assisting the developers in rapid development. We also make discussions on generalized algorithms for the operations/features, and hope to come up with a JavaScript library, for easy integration of the proposed pattern.

Nalaka R. Dissanayake

Informatics Institute of Technology 57/1, Ramakrishna road, Colombo 6, Sri Lanka. 094 71 4458658