Security Aspects of Participatory Sensing Systems Migration to the Cloud


As adoption of mobile sensing solutions advances, new computing paradigms – such as cloud computing – bring the potential to improve efficiency while at the same time offer stronger security and privacy-preserving mechanisms for the end-user. In this position paper we explore the possibility of incorporating cloud computing techniques to facilitate the vast amount of data collected. More precisely, we present a list of core security requirements and challenges that must be considered when migrating mobile sensing applications to a cloud environment. To this end, we first address several competing challenges not previously considered in the literature such as the scarce energy resources of battery-powered mobile devices as well as their limited computational resources that they often prevent the use of computationally heavy cryptographic operations and thus offering limited security services to the end-user. Finally, we present

Antonis Michalas

Cyber Security Group, Department of Computer Science University of Westminster, London, UK

Thanassis Giannetsos

Secure Systems Group Department of Computer Science University of Surrey, Guildford, UK