Smart IVR System


A Smart Interactive Voice Response (SIVR) system has been developed, having considered the importance of a speech-enabled IVR system. Furthermore, the system would understand user’s open-ended questions and generates interactive responses with high accuracy level. It is a significant enhancement in the field of IVR technology as user doesn’t feel like he is talking to a machine. The SIVR comprises four major modules; Speech to Text Conversion, Intelligent Text Analysis and Context Mapping, Interactive Response Generator and Text to Voice Conversion. Customer base of any organization or simply the general public can be considered as the potential users of the system. The system inputs an acoustic signal and generates a voice output as the relevant response. Firstly in the processing, the SIVR captures and records the signal and it maps speech into text. Consequently, the text sequence is analyzed and some algorithms are employed in order to find matches. Once matches are found corresponding response is delivered. Importantly, the system is cable to make an intelligent conversation with the user to clarify his requirements. Finally the generated text responses are converted into voice signal as the final output providing more comfort feeling to the user.

M.F.F. Shifani1, K.A.C.P. Gunaratne2, D.N.Meegoda3, B.P.M.S.Rathnabharathie4, B.H. Sudantha5

Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka shifanifathima@gmail.com1, chamilpubudu@gmail.com2, dilshanmee@ gmail.com3, maheshikapiumi@gmail.com4, sudanthabh@uom.lk5