Sri Lankan Itinerary Planner


As travel and tourism is one of the fastest developing industries in the world with best potential benefits to a developing country like Sri Lanka, it is essential to invest significant effort on utilizing information technology to provide tourists a better overall experience. Developing countries can gain a long-term advantage over their developed competitors with sustainable outcomes, because most of travel planning happens through internet and lot of experts is researching for improved solutions. Even though there are many web-based solutions in desktop and mobile platforms, there are still gaps in proving required travel information to decide an itinerary. Most of these gaps are related to customizability and unavailability of indispensable information. In this research, the existing information available in current websites/systems were identified and evaluated to ascertain the gaps. Research strategy applied in this study is exploratory and few tourists were interviewed and questionnaire was distributed among 55 randomly selected local and foreign tourists. The response rate was 84%. 98% of tourists who responded to the questionnaire confirmed the traveling related and attractions in local areas in Sri Lanka are not readily accessible or available. Therefore, a web-based application to provide required travelling and local attractions details are proposed to enhance the Sri Lankan travel planning experience attaining more new travelers and increasing the number of tourist revisits.

W. M. C. D. Chandrathilaka

Informatics Institute of Technology No 57, Ramakrishna Road Colombo 06, Sri Lanka (+94) 772889279

Kumudini Sarathchandra

Informatics Institute of Technology No 57, Ramakrishna Road Colombo 06, Sri Lanka (+94) 112360212