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“The new match-making Programme for Corporates and Graduates”


Since the National IT-BPM workforce summary 2019 was made public, it is no secret that telecom, computer and information services represent a key growth factor within the service sector that generated US$995 million earnings in 2018. Earnings from the ICT sector have been growing at 7-8% annual rate. The ICT sector has become the 5th largest source of foreign earnings in Sri Lanka.

The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) in their summary 2019 stated that the ICT sector has grown 120% over the past 5 years. Export Development Board (EDB) has identified ICT and BPM as being part of the six priority sectors in the National Export Strategy (NES). Together with other key players, the target was set for ICT of becoming a US$5 billion industry creating 200,000 direct jobs and enabling the launch of 1,000 start-ups by 2022.

Companies are realizing the necessity of major re-skilling programmes in order to prepare the workforce for the future. Many ICT service providers plan to tackle this problem through the offering of 3-6 month short-term training programmes to new recruits.

From 2014 to 2018 the ICT workforce in Sri Lanka has grown from 82, 854 to 124,873, representing a 50.7% growth. The projection for 2019 lies at 146,089. To reach GOSL’s goal of a 200,000 strong IT workforce in Sri Lanka by 2022 is a challenge that requires creative solutions and new strategies.

ICT Industry Skills Council (ITCISC) has taken a decision in September 2019 to actively boost the numbers of high-level ICT graduates from tertiary and vocational educational sectors, ambitiously seeking to build an ICT workforce of 350,000 by 2025, positioning Sri Lanka as a knowledge hub in Asia.

This is the scenario where IIT has identified a niche market by offering 100% work/study scholarship programmes to non-IT graduates, thus assisting interested and feasible candidates to convert to the IT industry, creating a win:win situation for all parties involved.

The Programme

Following the successful formula of IIT’s InfoSchol programme, InfoGrad was created to help bridge the gap between the increasing demand of the industry for IT specialists and available workforce in the form of non-IT graduates.

InfoGrad offers an opportunity for candidates with a Bachelor’s degree  (Second Class or higher) from the fields of Commerce, Management, Science, Agriculture and Social Sciences, who have graduated after 2017 to reinvent their career. This opportunity offers 100% full scholarships for a 2 year work-study MSc degree in Business Analytics awarded by Robert Gordon University Aberdeen (RGU), UK.

The course is designed to equip students with an understanding of state-of-the-art methods and tools in data analytics and how to apply these to solve any particular business problem. It will also help to select the right software tools for such a project. This will in turn benefit the industry in Sri Lanka. At all stages of study, the course content is complemented by practical work intended not only to reinforce the learning process, but also to enhance the vocational relevance of the course of study. The syllabus content incorporates course modules intended to enhance the technical and professional skills required to manage and execute Business Analytics systems.


Benefits of InfoGrad


  • New perspective to earn a living
  • 100% scholarship
  •  Monthly stipend paid while studying for 2 years
  • Assured employment and salary for 2  years with option of employment extension
  •  Increased employability


  • Contributing to the national strategy to re-skill graduates to meet the market needs
  • Getting a valuable in-house resource for a minimal investment
  • Filling gaps in workforce
  • Grooming workforce over a period of 2 years thus decreasing employment turnover
  • Increasing loyalty from the applicant to work for 2 years (or longer)
  • Staying competitive within the national and international demands of the industry
  • Mentorship opportunities for existing staff / fostering leadership skills in current employees

  • MSc Advanced Software Engineering
  • MSc Cyber Security and Forensics
  • MSc Big Data Analytics
  • MSc Business Analytics

Graduates from government universities who have graduated after 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree (Second Class or higher) from the Faculties of Commerce, Management, Science, Agriculture, Arts, and Social Sciences who will successfully pass IIT’s entry test for the scholarship programme.


Companies in need of business analysts, data warehousing architects / developers, report designers (just to name a few of the potential assignments that this programme will create) willing to enter into a 3-year contract with IIT and the graduate. During this time, the graduate will work full-time while his/her course fee and a monthly stipend will be paid by the corporate sponsor.

After the call for applications, successful applicants will be invited to participate in a written test followed by interviews conducted by a panel of academic and business representatives.  Once these two steps are successfully completed, the applicants are invited to participate in a 3-month induction programme at IIT campus to prepare them for the work / study programme that is to follow.


From the beginning, corporate sponsors are involved in the selection process to assure that the selected candidates fulfill their requirements.


Once the selection process is completed, the successful graduate, the sponsor and IIT will sign a Tri-Party-Agreement in which the monthly payment schedule for IIT’s fee, the stipend to the graduate and other details are specified. The contract will be for a period of 3 years in total with the option of employment to be extended.


Associated Careers

At the end of the programme the graduate will be qualified to undertake the following roles:

• Data Warehousing: Business Analyst, ETL Expert, Architect, Developer, Engineer
• Business Analytics: Engineer, Systems Administrator
• Data: Analyst, Scientist, Miner
• Report: Architect, Designer
• Business Intelligence: Manager, Technical Specialist, Technology Solutions Architect

Important dates For 2020 Intake

Applications for InfoGrad can be submitted throughout the year.

The academic programmes start in May and September. The mandatory induction programmes starts respectively  in February/March for the May intake and June/July for the September intake. 

Graduates should send their application (Cover letter, CV with unrelated references, copy of degree certificate and transcript) to 

IIT, 57, Ramakrishna Road, Colombo 6 

referring to InfoGrad in their cover letter and on the envelope. 

The application can also be submitted by clicking on the “Register Online” button.

Corporates interested in becoming sponsors should contact Ms. Wilja Witcombe via email on

For further enquiries, please contact or call 0761  490 844.

Application should be sent to: InfoGrad 2020, Informatics Institute of Technology IIT Campus 57, Ramakrishna Road, Colombo 06
For further clarifications and information please contact us on, Tel: +94 11 2 360 212 Mobile : +94 761  490 844. E-mail:
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