CuttingEdge_thumbCutting Edge is an annual event held by IIT to demonstrate the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students within the Institute. The event not only pits students against modern day IT problems but it also tests their vision and ability to harness technology to solve these problems. As an exhibition Cutting Edge allows any interested party to come interact with the creators of the IT and ICT projects and are entitled to a demonstration.

Many of the students develop and implement projects that are beneficial to existing systems while some students develop applications and devices that exist in a league of its’ own. Students are able to utilize their knowledge obtained through their course as well as the experience they gain through their industrial placement. The tenacity and ambition of the students lead to creation of truly remarkable software and hardware solutions that are applicable to the software and business industry and also systems which could help day to day lives.

In addition to the standard project genres it is common place to see the development of mobile applications and futuristic solutions such as computers combined with human intelligence and database systems targeted at medical institutions.

Cutting Edge is an event held in the grandeur due to the quality and quantity of projects that are present for viewing. Students are allowed a significant amount of time under the guidance of their chosen supervisor to conceive an idea and follow the concept through to its final phase. A rigorous process of trial and error is present during the development of the project. Students are exposed to the arduous process of creation and destruction to obtain the perfect solution that embodies their vision and determination.

All projects present at Cutting Edge are gauged by industry leading professionals that act as judges who are given the privilege of choosing the finest student project. Students are awarded with numerous awards and commendations to match their vision and dedication. Cutting Edge is aimed at motivating students to demonstrate their ideas and talents to the public. Each year a significant portion of the student body compete in this grand event to demonstrate their technical prowess. The friendly competition between the students allows further development of their character and team coordination. By utilizing each team members skill set and ideas, students have created revolutionary solutions that have changed the perspectives of many corporate entities.

Students are allowed to conceive ideas in any sector and are guided through specialist supervisors to ensure that they’re idea is able to reach fruition. Many of the project genres range from Advanced Programming Concepts, Artificial Intelligence, Communication Networks, Database Systems, Hardware-based Solutions, Multimedia and Graphics, Web-based Solutions and Wireless Solutions to more business-oriented projects classified under E-Learning, Corporate Social Responsibility, Finance, E-Commerce, Human Resource Management, Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Cutting Edge is held during the first half of the year to ensure that every student is able to participate for the event. Students spend many months developing ideas aimed at winning the highest possible commendation during the event. The Student Union is responsible for the decoration and orientation of the event each year ensuring that the student philosophies are embodied within the event.

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