Student Union

The Student Union provides services, activities, opportunities and representation on campus affairs for students at IIT

The Student Union represents the student community and displays the role of the student’s voice at IIT. The Student Union plays a huge role in providing opportunities for the students to pursue extra-curricular activities and organizing events that promote fellowship among the students. The Student Union also organizes projects under community service and other areas if and when required.


Stage Craft

Stage Craft is one of the Student Union’s annual signature events that fuse together drama, music and dancing to produce one of the most artistic nights of the year. Every year Stage Craft is organized with the aim of becoming bigger and better. A talent show where the students participate individually or in groups.
Students are judged on their individual talents, skills and overall performance by prominent personalities from the entertainment and business arena. Stage Craft is the platform offering students to demonstrate their unique talents and creativity to a larger audience.

Athletics at IIT

Sports Meet

The Sports Meet allows talented athletes of IIT to compete with each other. The students are divided into houses (sections). The best house wins the title. The sport portfolio offered ranges from athletics to swimming and covers basically everything that triggers the sport-minded student to go the extra mile.



Sinhala and Tamil New Year is one of the many traditional events in the calendar celebrated at the campus. Everyone at the campus is invited to come to celebrate Avurudu. This event is filled with all traditional Avrudu games and rituals and selecting Avurudu Kumari & Kumaraya. An event full of fun and games celebrated by staff and students alike.


Thai Pongal

Thai Pongal festival is celebrated in mid-January, or the Tamil month of Thai, to coincide with the rice harvest. Thai Pongal is an occasion for family reunions and get-togethers. Old enmities, personal animosities, and rivalries are forgotten. Estrangements are healed and reconciliations supported. Indeed, this festival of freedom, peace, unity, and compassion is the essence of student life on the campus.

IIT Graduation Ball

Graduation Ball

The Graduation Ball will provide a night to remember for all graduating students at IIT. Organized by the Students Union, the graduation ball is a great way to reflect on and celebrate the journey of IIT graduates.