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In a fast-moving global market, being at the edge of what is possible today and what is coming tomorrow is the difference between staying in the game and leaving the field.  We at Informatics Institute of Technology, our world-class research advisors are continuously redefining what is possible in the realm of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Research Collaborations

University of Westminster, UK

Robert Gordon University, UK

Research Publications

These publications are authored by scholars and students from IIT and can be found in our conference proceedings, journals, and other scholarly sources.


Ethics Process

The ethics process for IIT students on their research activities is an essential component of ensuring the integrity and responsible conduct of research. It is a systematic and comprehensive approach that aims to uphold ethical standards and protect the rights and welfare of all individuals involved in the research process.The ethics process begins with the formulation of a research proposal, where students outline their intended research objectives, methods, and anticipated outcomes. This proposal is then subjected to a rigorous review by an ethics committee, comprised of faculty members, researchers, and experts in relevant fields.The ethics committee carefully evaluates the ethical implications of the proposed research, considering factors such as potential risks to participants, the need for informed consent, and the protection of privacy and confidentiality. They also assess whether the research aligns with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as ethical guidelines set forth by national and international bodies.

Digital Repositary

These are publications done by IIT academics and students in our conference and journals and outside.
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Find An Expert

These are publications done by IIT academics and students in our conference and journals and outside.
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