Rotaract Club

The institute has formulated a Rotract club in order to be active in the arena of social working. The Rotract club of IIT is a youth social working society formed in order to serve the needy people by fund raisers as well as club services such as youth friendship developing events and professional development. The overall outcome of the club is beneficial for both the members and the nation.

The Rotract club is supported by the Rotary club of Nugegoda and by IIT itself. Every year an annual plan is prepared and various activities such as Car washes, Fashion shows, Dance workshops, cricket tournaments and many more are organized to raise funds for charity.

Whenever the Rotract club connects the world becomes much simpler and communities benefit, that is because help is offered where help is needed in our own communities and around the nation with unmatched honestly and liveliness.

To ensure that the club can do the work that is needed and does it with fellowship, passion and enthusiasm. The Club is structured internationally and provisionally. Leaders at every level are volunteers and the club supports the leaders with a wide range of access, international support and impressive leadership developments.

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