SC_thumbIIT holds numerous student activities annually. However, Stage Craft is one event that is held in the grandest manner possible and is coordinated and managed by the students themselves. Stage Craft is a combination of arts and therefore contains entertainment that is guaranteed to please even the pickiest critique.

This annual event combines drama, music and dance together to produce an entertaining night that is aimed at the whole family. Each year Stage Craft is redone by the students with the implementation of new concepts and means allowing for bolder acts and dance routines. Students participate individually and in groups to display their talents in dance, song and drama. Each act is orchestrated and performed by the students themselves allowing the true spirit of IIT to be embodied within each performer. Students are judged upon their talent and skill set by popular personalities in the entertainment industry who in turn award the students the respective commendations for their originality, diligence and overall performance.

Stage Craft is an event that is looked upon each year with enthusiasm and ecstasy by the students and the loyal audiences that attend each year. It is organized with an attention to detail that is unparalleled and demonstrates the student body’s tenacity to truly create an event that is as original each year as it is spellbinding. The acts that embody Stage Craft range from western classics to traditional eastern dances. In addition the event is also home to more experimental acts such as instrumental based tracks that are written and played by the students themselves. Cultural dances from both Sinhalese and Tamil tradition are present each year with students displaying their ancestry and their traditions in a glamorous display of color and skill. Stage Craft is also home to numerous drama oriented events that bring many emotions to light such as comedy, sadness, and intrigue.

Many IT oriented companies join in the event through sponsorships to encourage the growth of students through dance and drama. Stage Craft is an event that tests both the performing and supporting students in ways outside of theoretical and practical knowledge.

The event allows students to release their ideas and talents in an environment that would normally not be present. As one of the few institutions that provide an event such as Stage Craft each year IIT takes immense pride in the diligence and the talent of its students. It aims to cultivate this talent of its students to ensure that each student believes that each and every talent can be fostered and nurtured to yield something greater through a holistic approach similar to that of which IIT has adopted for its students.

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