The Students Union provides an opportunity for young talented students to actively organize, participate and coordinate various events and activities within the institute. This capitalizes on the idea that learning is more than what is thought in the classroom – it’s about experiencing the thrills involved in learning by doing, exploring various opportunities and avenues, developing leadership skills, discovering your hidden strengths and weaknesses and finally, realizing who you truly are.

The students union comprises of 15 individuals and play an active role in organizing 3 main events.

The events are as follows.

The IIT Sportsmeet

Each year the Students Union plays an active role in organizing the inter-house IIT sportsmeet and strives to make it better than the previous year. It helps mould young minds to go the extra mile and accomplish the impossible.

Stage Craft

An annual event that goes through the lands of music, dance and drama and strives to drive home the fact that IIT is not just limited to catering to the scholastic needs of students, but also moulds up personalities through events such as these, thereby helping us youngsters to become complete and successful individuals who can achieve any goal they set their minds upon.

Graduation Ball

This graduation ball is an annual event organized by the Students Union to coincide with the convocation ceremony. This highlights the finale of the student life in IIT and is usually well planned and executed to perfection.

Apart from the above mentioned activities, the Students Union organizes various other activities ranging from fund-raisers to movie-nights throughout the academic year.