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Ready to enhance your business acumen and contribute strategically to your organization’s financial success? Enroll now and let’s embark on a journey where you not only learn the essentials of finance but also apply them to lead with confidence and insight.

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IIT Professional Training Unit is established to offer innovative learning solutions in the fields of Business and Information Technology to enable individuals and organizations to face tomorrow’s challenges with confidence.

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Java Programming, SEO, Power BI (Starting on May)


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Java Programming – May 25, 2024

Machine Learning – August 26, 2024

Web Development –  June 29, 2024

Cyber Security and Networking – July 27, 2024


Program Conclusion with the Award of Certification

Digital Graphic Designing

May, 2024



Course Details

Completing a finance manager course enhances one's qualifications and proves highly advantageous for aspiring finance managers. This specialized education significantly boosts financial management knowledge and skills, leading to improved decision-making and strategic planning capabilities. The acquired qualifications provide a competitive edge in the job market, elevating the likelihood of securing senior-level positions that offer enhanced compensation and increased responsibilities.

Managerial use of financial statements

  • Objectives and Role of the Accounting and Finance
    International Financial Reporting Landscape:
  • Implications to Financial Statements
  • The Structure and Contents of the Financial Statements
    Detecting financial risk

Managing financial performance

  • Tools and Techniques of Financial Analysis
  • The Du Pont Method of Financial Analysis
  • A close look at ROA and ROE
  • Analyzing profit drivers

Managing cost and profit

  • Understanding Costs for Management Decisions
  • Allocation of Overheads
  • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  • Costing and Product Pricing
  • Methods of Costing

Short term financial planning

  • Working Capital Management
  • Cash Budget and Management
  • Receivable and Inventory Management

Capital budgeting and long-term decisions

  • Use of Time Value of Money in Capital Budgeting
  • Principles of Estimating Cash Flows
  • Techniques of Evaluating Capital Expenditures

The program’s tiered structure is appropriate for managers and executives with varying levels of familiarity with Accounting and Financial functions within the firm and concepts and processes therein.

Non-finance Executives, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Decision Makers

Online via MS Teams

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IIT Professional Development Unit

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Why Us

  • On-Campus Learning
  • Industry-Leading Trainers
  • Colombo Located Classrooms
  • Continuous new intakes to meet industry demand
  • Registrations are limited to 20 students to provide better student-trainer interaction
IIT Professional Development Unit
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