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infomatics institute of technology


4 Months

(Part Time)

Saturdays 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

infomatics institute of technology

Course Outline

Raster Graphics

Introduction to Raster Graphics, pixels & pixel manipulation, colour depth, resolution, Learning Design Steps: Thumbnail Sketches, Rough Layout, Finished Layout, and Final Layout,

Tool: Adobe Photoshop

Colour modes and Resolution, Selection techniques, Layers, Painting, Photo Retouching, Masks and channels, Special Effects, Text Editing, and Optimizing images for the web.

Vector Graphics

Introduction to Vector Graphics, Raster vs Vector, Scaling with vector, Vector manipulation, Making Poster Design, Digital Painting, Matte Painting, Compositing and Layouting

Tool: Adobe Illustrator

Examples of Illustrator-created work, Overview of program tools and layout, creating a logo, Fill and stroke, Colours, Pen tool, Modifying paths, Layers, Advanced type tool options, Artboard management, Abstract art design, and Compression.

3D Modeling & Animation

3D concepts, polygons and NURBS, Representing objects in 3D, Viewports, 11 Animation Principles,

Tool: Autodesk Maya

Introduction to the Maya interface, coordinate systems, Pivot point, Polygonal modeling, NURBS modeling, Subdivision surfaces, Shading and textures, Lighting, Camera models, Rendering, Dynamics, nClothing, Arnold shading, Fluids.

Audio & Video editing

Introduction to Audio & video, Bit Rates, file formats, technical jargon, Signals & noise, Encoding

Tools: Adobe Premiere & Adobe Audition

Introduction, Bit Rates, Common Tasks and Functions, Special Effects, Audio Mixing Methods, Noise Reduction, Voice Adding, Chanel Mixing, Multi-Band Effects, Video Resolution, Importing & Exporting, Video & Audio Effects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Select and Apply graphical concepts and design abstract artworks to suit a given scenario
  • Select and Apply the best practices to digitally reconstruct and retouch damaged photographs.
  • Select and Apply the concepts of 3D modelling and animation to create digitally sound 3D animated scenes.
  • Compiling sounds, video effects and encoding ques to incorporate with 3D scenes.

To Whom?

  • The course is targeted toward beginners in digital graphics and 3D animation
  • Marketing Executives, SEO Engineers, Web Designers, UI designers
  • Students who have completed GCE O/L and A/L examinations and waiting for the results
  • Photographers and editors
  • Individuals who want to gain entry into graphic design and animation.

Method Of Delivery

  •  On-campus / Online (Lab Practical with Hands-on Experience)

Course Fee & Payment Terms

All-inclusive per participant fee: LKR 40,000/- (Local Students)
Please make the payment to the following bank account and email the receipt to pdu@iit.ac.lk before the commencement of the programme.

  • Account Name
  • : Informatics Institute of Technology Limited
  • Account Number
  • : 0036 1000 3876
  • Bank
  • : Sampath Bank
  • Branch
  • : Wellawatte Super
  • Bank Code
  • : 7278
  • Branch Code
  • : 36
  • Your Reference
  • : Invoice No or NIC Number

For further details, please contact

IIT Professional Development Unit
0770 566 577 | pdu@iit.ac.lk

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