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August 2024


infomatics institute of technology


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Saturdays 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm
infomatics institute of technology

Enroll Today and Chart Your Data-Driven Journey!

Ready to turn data into a strategic asset? Enroll now and let’s embark on a journey where you not only learn the intricacies of Power BI but also revolutionize the way you interpret and leverage data.

About IIT Professional Development Unit (PDU)

IIT Professional Training Unit is established to offer innovative learning solutions in the fields of Business and Information Technology to enable individuals and organizations to face tomorrow’s challenges with confidence.

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Upcoming Programs

  1. Digital Creative Graphic Designing.
  2. Cyber Security and Networking.
  3. Linux Fundamental.
  4. Advanced Software Quality Assurance.
  5. Network and System Administration.
  6. Data Visualisation with Microsoft Power BI.
  7. Java Programming with Object oriented.
  8. Generative AI.


Program Conclusion with the Award of Certification

August 2024

  1. Machine Learning.
  2. Digital Creative Graphic Designing.
  3. Advanced ICT Programme.
  4. Network and System administration.
  5. Java Programming with object oriented.
  6. Cyber security and Networking.
  7. Artificial Intelligence.

Course Details

Power BI data visualization proficiency is an in-demand skill, bolstering employability across industries. This expertise facilitates strategic decision-making by presenting complex data in an accessible manner. Moreover, it enhances productivity by streamlining data analysis processes, leading to increased workplace efficiency. The versatility of Power BI extends its applicability across diverse industries, empowering professionals to adapt their skills to various sectors and roles.

1 Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
2 Get Data into Power BI
3 Cleaning and Shaping data with Power Query
4 Introduction to Data Models
5 Design and build a model in Power BI
6 Build calculations in your model using DAX
7 Refine the data model with best practices
8 Build Power BI visuals and Reports
9 Work with advanced Filtering, Drill down, drill-through
10 Distribute Power BI Artifacts
11 Explore data in Power BI
12 Python for data analysis
13 Work with AI Visuals in Power BI
14 Implement security requirements
15 Power BI Administration
18 Power BI Licensing/ Certifications

ILO1: Obtain and integrate data from multiple data source.

ILO2: Adjust data with Power BI Desktop

ILO3: Ingest, clean, and transform data.

ILO4: Model data for performance and scalability

ILO5: Design and create reports for data analysis.

ILO6: Apply and perform advanced report analytics.

ILO7: Manage and share report assets.

  1. Fresh graduates
  2. Business analysts
  3. Managers / Project managers
  4. Accounting professionals
  5. Investors & finance related professionals
  6. Business subject matter experts
  7. Business owners
    those individuals who develop reports that visualize data from the data platform technologies that exist both in the cloud and on-premises.

Hybrid (Lab Practical with Hands-on Experience)

Entry Requirements

Applicants who possess academic/ professional qualification(s) in marketing/business/data science/closely related field or with relevant industry experience

IIT Professional Development Unit

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Why Us

  • On-Campus Learning
  • Industry-Leading Trainers
  • Colombo Located Classrooms
  • Continuous new intakes to meet industry demand
  • Registrations are limited to 20 students to provide better student-trainer interaction

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infomatics institute of technology
Investing For
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infomatics institute of technology
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infomatics institute of technology
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infomatics institute of technology
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infomatics institute of technology
Investing For
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infomatics institute of technology

These certifications have significantly enhanced my capabilities, allowing me to contribute more effectively to our social media strategies and achieve better results for our organization

Aathmika Mahasenan
Social Media Officer
infomatics institute of technology

The Professional Certificate in Web Development from IIT PDU is an excellent investment for anyone looking to advance their career

Assistant General Manager | iSoft Friends .INC.
infomatics institute of technology

This certification has been a valuable credential in my career advancement, helping me secure new opportunities and gain recognition in the field of cybersecurity

Nethusha Ravisuthan
Founder Ashnet BPO Services, Adivantix Consultants
infomatics institute of technology

The blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, combined with a supportive community and excellent instruction, makes it an invaluable investment

Ravindu Rajasinghe
Cyber Security Threat Hunting at Dialog Axita PLC.
infomatics institute of technology

The Professional Certificate in Java Programming from IIT PDU is an excellent career investment. It offers a strong foundation, hands-on experience, and a supportive learning environment.

Sachin Pitigala
Associate (IT) FMRC Heavy Industries
IIT Professional Development Unit (PDU)
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