ICIIT Conclave 2024

infomatics institute of technology


infomatics institute of technology

9.00 PM - 6.30 PM

The Research Conclave on Large Language Models and Generative AI is a gathering of practitioners, researchers, and learners from Sri Lanka and the region. Taking place on the 30th and 31st of May 2024 at the Informatics Institute of Technology in Colombo, this event aims to empower innovators in LLM technology.


Participants will have the opportunity to share research, engage in workshops, join panel discussions led by industry experts, and collaborate on shared tasks. The event will also feature tutorials for beginners and practitioners, as well as a selection of the best ideas for further development into potential startups. With a focus on exploring opportunities for integrating Large Language Models into various applications and AI methodologies, this conclave provides a platform for discussing advancements, challenges, and future trends in the field. Join us to shape the future of LLM technology and be part of a vibrant community dedicated to driving research and innovation in this rapidly evolving domain.