“Opportunities amid challenging times” Is the IT Industry in the hot seat?

infomatics institute of technology


infomatics institute of technology

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

With the challenges posed by Covid-19 receding, Sri Lanka’s present economic crisis has posed a number of unique challenges to the IT industry forcing the industry to take a major turn on how it operates.


To gain some insights into dealing with such challenges, the IIT campus has invited IT industry peers with global experienced panelists to share their inspirational entrepreneurial experience in a hybrid webinar. This is a free-of-charge event, you can register to participate physically for the event. Please click https://forms.gle/9SbZ9cM4xX3MvdPHA to register now.


Topics include:
– Evolvement of the IT industry during the pandemic
– Effect of the present economic crisis in the local IT industry
– Impact of top management decisions on the IT industry
– Sri Lankan talents and knowledge gap in the IT industry
– Predictions for the next 5 years in the IT industry
– Measures on future success of the IT industry in Sri Lanka