Analysis of the mediating effect of Price on Consumer Purchase Intentions of Organic Food in Sri Lanka


Hiruni Purna Samarage and Gayashini Shyanka Ratnayake


Organic food, price, theory of planned behavior, purchasing intention, environmental and health consciousness

Issue Date

18th February 2022



The factors behind the purchase intention of organic food have been identified as subjective norms, attitudes, perceived behavioral control, health consciousness, and environmental concern. Premium prices for organic foods are sometimes considered the main reason for not developing a positive buying intention. Given the lack of research attention on the impact of price, this study is conducted to assess the impact of Factors that Influence Organic Food Consumer Purchase Intentions in Sri Lanka: With the Mediation Effect of Prices. The data was collected from a sample of over 250 participants who live in Colombo and are aware of / or purchase organic food using systematic random sampling. The findings of the research concluded that there were strong positive relationships between subjective norms, attitude, perceived behavioral control, health consciousness, environmental concerns, and organic food purchase intention. Moreover, it can be concluded that the relationship between influencing factors and organic food purchasing intention is highly mediated by the price.