Connecting Sri Lankan Vehicle Owners and Local Authorities Using an IoT Based Mobile Application


Praneeth Mihiranga Welihinda and Janice Abeykoon


Vehicle Revenue License, License renewal, Monitoring vehicle revenue, Law enforcement, IoT device

Issue Date:

18th February 2022


It is a requirement that a person must have a valid revenue license in addition to a valid driver’s license before driving a motor vehicle. In Sri Lanka the government has taken necessary steps to enforce the law against those who ignore it, as it is a law enacted and made mandatory under the motor traffic act.

Through conducting research and one on one interviews conducted with industry experts, it was identified that there is no effective way of monitoring or identifying the vehicle revenue license violators. Apart from that, it was concluded that the current manual process of randomly checking vehicles to identify revenue license violators is also a very tiring and ineffective task for both parties, police officers and vehicle owners.

Therefore, this project is to bridge these identified gaps between different parties involved in the revenue licensing process and increase the efficiency of the process for both drivers and the government institutions through I-Sense, an IoT-based device combined with an application platform. Through the different evaluations and results obtained from the outcome of the project, it is evident that this solution would be effective in making the current vehicle license renewal process more fruitful and convenient for all the involved parties.