Effective Monitoring of Diabetes Mellitus Self­ Care Routine


Panchali Denipitiya and Kumudini Sarathchandra


Diabetes Mellitus, Self-care routine, Mobile application, Wearable devices

Issue Date:

18th February 2022


A permanent cure for Diabetes Mellitus, one of the most common non-communicable diseases has still evaded modern mankind’s thinking prowess. Even though Diabetes could not be cured, it could be successfully managed with an effective self-care routine. This research aimed to analyze the reasons that have led to Sri Lankan Diabetes patients’ inability to effectively manage their self-care routine and to the unavailability of a tool to support them. The research utilized a mixed methodology approach using a questionnaire and interviews with key stakeholders. Thus, a mobile application that could be seamlessly incorporated into Diabetes self-care management in Sri Lanka with capturing data, storing, and visualizing was developed to address these problems. The mobile application also allows an individual to calculate pre-Diabetes risk depending on a few major criteria.