MamaMoods: A Serious Game Designed to Provide Awareness on Antenatal Mental Health


Merian Lesster Damian, Iresh Bandara


Antenatal, Postnatal, Mental health awareness,Serious games, Game-based learning

Issue Date

18th February 2022


Antenatal mental health problems poses significant risk factors for postnatal mental health conditions. Early detection of this problem minimizes the risk of serious consequences. Statistics shows that the impact of this serious issue has led the affected mothers to commit suicide due to low mental tolerance. Lack of antenatal mental health awareness is the significant reason behind this study. The majority of the women are unaware of the psychological issues and the symptoms that could occur during the antenatal period, therefore, the likelihood of seeking professional help is very low. Serious games are a great solution to provide awareness for this problem and also has been proven to be effective in augmenting cognitive abilities. MamaMoods is a serious game that is researched and developed by the authors to raise awareness on antenatal mental health among society by letting the player play and learn through the game itself. Test results of the MamaMoods game show that the serious games can positively and seriously increase the antenatal mental health.