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  • This course equips students to understand how data is: generated in organizations, how it is stored and how it is analyzed business decision making and operational optimization.
  • Theories, tools and techniques from the disciplines of Data Science, Information Systems and Business Management which are essential to develop this capability are taught in this course.
  • Students will acquire data analytics, forecasting, data visualization, decision making and other business management skills towards the end.
  • A carefully architected set of core modules and optional modules enable students to study various career options.
  • Such career options are flourishing in a world where both organizations and their consumers generate vast amounts of data.
infomatics institute of technology

Awarding University & Course Recognition

infomatics institute of technology

Awarded by the University of Westminster UK

infomatics institute of technology

Recognized by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka

Next Intake

September, 2024


infomatics institute of technology


4 Years

(Full Time)

infomatics institute of technology

Associated Careers

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Operations Business Analyst
  • Financial Data Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Analytics/Innovation
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Data Governance Specialist
  • BIG Data Entrepreneur

Course Outline

  • Provide students with knowledge of the relevant fundamental principles and technologies that underpin the disciplines of Business Management, Data Science, and Information Systems.
  • Initiate students inthe selection and application of cutting-edge Data Science and Information Systems techniques and tools to collect, store, prepare, analyze and visualize business data.
  • Thereby helping students learn the theories and acquire the skills required for Business Data Analytics and Decision Making from all the above three disciplines.
  • Raise aspirations through transformative learning including a year of work experience and work-based simulations.
  • Provide a motivating and inclusive environment with the opportunity to develop themselves intellectually and socially.
  • Encourage students to develop as independent and self-critical problem solvers and global citizens.
Core Modules
  • Business Computing
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Business Information System Concepts
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Statistical Modelling and Analysis
  • Accounting and Finance for Business
Core Modules
  • Database Systems
  • Data Visualisation and Communication
  • Management Decision Making for Business
  • Data Science Project Life Cycle
  • Business Analytics
Optional Modules
  • Data Engineering
  • Supply Chain, Operations Management and Digital Business
  • Web Enabled Business
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
** Student Must choose 1 optional module.Award of Diploma of Higher Education
A 12-month industrial placement period is compulsory as it is credit-bearing. This experience will give you additional practical skills and a competitive edge in the job market. The IIT students have 100% employment assurance and are most often selected for lucrative employment at renowned organizations.
Core Modules
  • Final Year Research Project
  • Data Visualisation and Dashboarding
  • Big Data Analytics
Optional Modules
  • CRM & CM with Business Intelligence
  • Strategic Management
  • Digital Analytics
  • Forecasting for Managers
  • Social Media for Business
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Operational Research and Optimisation
** Students must choose 2 optional modules.

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