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About IIT Professional Development Unit (PDU)

IIT Professional Training Unit is established to offer innovative learning solutions in the fields of Business and Information Technology to enable individuals and organizations to face tomorrow’s challenges with confidence.

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Java Programming – May 25, 2024

Machine Learning – August 26, 2024

Web Development –  June 29, 2024

Cyber Security and Networking – July 27, 2024


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Digital Graphic Designing

May, 2024



Course Details

In the realm of IT security, diverse roles collaborate to fortify organizations against cyber threats. From Network Security Engineers designing protective measures to Cloud Security Engineers specializing in safeguarding cloud environments, these professionals collectively ensure robust cybersecurity. Their responsibilities encompass everything from vulnerability assessments and incident response to network architecture, forming a resilient defense against evolving digital challenges.

1.0 Introduction of Cyber security

Introduction Cyberspace and Cyber security.
Fundamentals of Cyber Security.

2.0 Network and System Engineering

Basic Network concept.
Fundamentals of Windows and Linux operating system.
Windows batch scripting and system automation.
Linux Bash scripting and system automation.
Windows Power-shell automation
Installation Linux servers (Squid/ Apache2 /etc).
Installation Windows servers.
Fundamentals of virtualization and Cloud computing.
IT architecture.

3.0 Programming and cyber security

Basic python Programing with network programming.

4.0 Cyber security and Pentesting

Introduction to ethical hacking and phases.
Ethical Hacking and Basic Vulnerability assessment.
Cyber law.
Type of hacking and Hacking modalities.
Introduction and Penetration framework.
Intelligence gathering security tool kit Design.
Introduction Black Box OS.
Introduction Opensource offensive and defensive security tools.

ILO1: Understating of the cyber security concept and Networking, basic programming, and Ethical hacking concept
ILO2: Apply cyber security concept to the real-world scenarios
ILO3: Identify vulnerabilities critical to the information assets of an organization
ILO4: Analyze and resolve security issues in networks and computer systems to secure an IT infrastructure

Individuals aspiring to be learning cyber security and Ethical hacking.
Students who have completed O/L or A/L examinations and waiting for the results.
Individuals who start work as Tech Support, IT assistant.

Lab Demonstrations Face to Face

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Why Us

  • On-Campus Learning
  • Industry-Leading Trainers
  • Colombo Located Classrooms
  • Continuous new intakes to meet industry demand
  • Registrations are limited to 20 students to provide better student-trainer interaction

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