The 4th International Conference on Innovations in Info-business & Technology (ICIIT 2023)

infomatics institute of technology


infomatics institute of technology

8:00 AM Onwards

ICIIT will bring together academia, industry, technologists, and research scholars . The conference will have plenary talks, keynote addresses by leading international research scholars, tutorials & workshops by domain experts, research paper presentations, Industry exhibits, and booths.

Given the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is searching for new practices, methods, and technologies to recover, rebuild and improve the way society operates when navigating the challenges of the post-Covid era. The ICIIT 2023 is a well-timed conference that aims to delve into the multi-layered topic of how society can emerge stronger and more resilient to face post-Covid challenges and growth. It presents an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders to revisit and re-evaluate our assumptions, decisions, practices, and collaborations with the aim of formulating new workflows and techniques in e-businesses, e-services, e-societies, and e-learning for a better, sustainable future.

The conference is focused on three main tracks;

  • Data Science & AI
  • Computing
  • Technology of Business
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