ChatGPT for Educators by IIT




The revolutionary Artificial Intelligence tool, ChatGPT, has made a significant impact on the world, and its influence extends into the education system. It has prompted a reevaluation of teaching methods and how students learn.The critical question at hand is how to utilize ChatGPT effectively for the improvement of society.

The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT), a longstanding leader in ICT education in Sri Lanka, has recognized the need to enhance knowledge among both students and teachers. They understand the importance of conducting awareness sessions, especially for educators, regarding the potential of AI tools like ChatGPT. In collaboration with esteemed experts in the field, IIT has initiated efforts to bridge this knowledge gap.

Dr. Ruvan Weerasinghe, a former Senior Lecturer at the University of Colombo and a highly respected figure in the field of ICT education in Sri Lanka, spearheaded the inaugural ChatGPT session. More than 150 teachers from schools in the Colombo district were fortunate to participate, gaining invaluable insights to guide their students in the right direction and effectively harness the capabilities of AI tools like ChatGPT in the educational context.

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