The experience I gained from the FICC conference




The conference provided a forum for researchers from both academia and industry to share their latest research contributions and exchange knowledge with the common goal of shaping the future of Information and Communication. The conference was well attended by 200+ delegates. It was a proud moment to be one of the two representatives from Sri Lanka where both the presenters were from IIT.

The two days conference comprised of 5 keynote talks by esteemed speakers, who inspired and passed out their experience and knowledge to all the presenters. In a conference where 70% of the presenters were PhD Students and in the remaining 20% of them are doing their Masters. It was a great exposure to be bachelor’s student and present the paper.

After the presentation, people were able to question us regarding our paper and they even gave us a good feedback which was a huge motivation towards our future. We were given the chance to meet and talk personally to most of these presenters from other nations. Listening to these presentations, we were able to understand the technological advancement in many of the other institutes and nations. Which definitely inspired us with more ideas to start researches on.

I am proud to say that my paper has been published in the Springer Journal for people to read. Below given is the link for my paper

Apart from the learning experience, I was able to go around the beautiful city of San Francisco and stay alone for 2 weeks. This was definitely a life experience too. This helped me to be independent and be strong. Without this motivation from IIT and my supervisor Mr.Cassim Farook, I wouldn’t think I would have got this much of an experience within such a short span of time.

This experience I gained is a life long motivation to keep on striving towards my goal of being a researcher. and I would thank IIT for providing me a platform for it.

Jeshreen Balraj
Senior Software Engineering,
iTelasoft Pvt Ltd.

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