infomatics institute of technology
infomatics institute of technology

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February 2023


infomatics institute of technology


3 ½ Months

(Part Time)

Sundays from 9.00am to 1.00pm

infomatics institute of technology

Course Outline

1.0 3D Modeling, Sculpting, Dynamics & Animation

Character Sketching, 3D modeling Techniques, Digital Sculpting, Working with Digital Clay, Sculpting Techniques, maintaining polycounts, Vehicle modeling, Spline Modeling, Procedural Modeling, Storyboarding Techniques, Fluid Animations, Fluid Dynamics, Soft Bodies Simulation, Slow-Motion Simulations, and Multi Simulations, Advanced Particle simulations, Mesh handling and exporting. Physical Simulators


Autodesk Maya  –  Mudbox & Z-Brush  –  Next Limit Realflow


2.0 Postproduction & VFX

Digital Video formats, Kinds/ Styles/ Types of Editing, Principles of Editing, Concept of Linear & Non-Linear Editing, Computer as a tool for Editing, Equipment & Software used in Non-Linear Editing, Uses of HD & SD Formats, Concepts of On-line & Off-line Editing, Understanding & identifying editing styles using documentaries, movies, ad films news telecast, etc. Rotoscopy, Expressions, Color Correction, Chroma Removal, Wire and Rig Removal, Tracking & Stabilizing, Effects, Particles, Motion Graphics,


Adobe After Effects

Learning Outcomes

  • Generating highly detailed 3D models and environments using a variety of software tools.
  • Creating highly detailed characters from a given or drawn sketch and building control rigs for animation.
  • Exporting the content rendered from a 3D modeling tool to a post-production environment to add VFX.
  • Building complex fluid simulations using Real-flow to cater to a variety of applications

To Whom?

  • 3D artists, and VFX artists currently working in the industry who want to gain professional qualification and skills.
  • Individuals aspiring to be indie 3D designers, VFX artists and content creators.
  • Freelance VFX artists, content creators and 3D artists who want to acquire professional qualifications and skills.

Method Of Delivery

  • On-campus / Online (Lab Practical with Hands-on Experience)

Course Fee & Payment Terms

All inclusive per participant fee: LKR 55,000/- (Local Students)

Please make the payment to the following bank account and email the receipt to pdu@iit.ac.lk before the commencement of the programme.

  • Account Name
  • : Informatics Institute of Technology Limited
  • Account Number
  • : 0036 1000 3876
  • Bank
  • : Sampath Bank
  • Branch
  • : Wellawatte Super
  • Bank Code
  • : 7278
  • Branch Code
  • : 36
  • Your Reference
  • : Invoice No or NIC Number

For further details, please contact

IIT Professional Development Unit
0770 566 577 | pdu@iit.ac.lk

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