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May 2024


infomatics institute of technology


3 Months

(Part Time)

Saturdays 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm
infomatics institute of technology

Throughout the course, you will gain hands-on experience with Autodesk Maya, a powerful and versatile software used extensively inthe film, gaming, and animation industries.

Course Details

 12 Principles of animation
 Introduction to Maya’s Animation workspace and graph editor
 Bouncing ball in place
 Across the screen
 Bouncing ball with tail
 Flour sack jump in place
 Animation constraints
 Switching IK/FK
 Taking reference and importing it to maya
 Character Posing and body balance
 Key poses and breakdowns explanation
 Character head turn with blink
 Character Weight shift
 Walk cycle
 Character pushing a heavy object
 Character jumping in place
 Reaching for an object on a shelf
 Facial Posing
 Lip Sync Saying “Come on Man”

Proficiency in Autodesk Maya for animation

Fundamental animation principles

Keyframe and character animation

Creative problem solving in animation

Industry workflows for professional animators

Familiarity with Maya

Instructor-led classroom training

For further details, please contact
IIT Professional Development Unit
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